Saturday, October 12, 2013

Home Made With {Love}

I found these cute cookie stamps in Cost Plus the other day and I had to try them out!  They are super darling and make it easy to make a cute gift for friends in need of a pick me up or a holiday "'hello"!
Go ahead and make your favorite sugar cookie receipie! Two of my Gs were napping so G2 and I got to spend some one on one time baking! Cherish those moments!
First, we rolled out the dough.
Next, let your little helper cut out circles.
Then, stamp away!!! (Try lightly spraying the stamp with cooking spray or dipping in flour - the dough does stick a bit.)
We also cut some out and rolled the edges in sprinkles....
I also let G2 just roll some of these little guys with the left over dough.  Why not?  (It reminded me of making gnocchi with my uncle too!)  
So, the impression on our cookies didn't turn out great.  But, we had such a fun afternoon just trying out different ways to dress our sugar cookies in sprinkles!  I do think I will try the stamps on short bread or another more dense cookie!  I let you know how it works.  In the meantime, get to baking!  Your kids will thank you for it!
Many Many Blessings,

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