Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Come on Baby, Light My Fire!

Aqua Creations Fixture. Obsessed.

Lighting for me is art.  It is actually the first thing I think about when I am looking at a blank room.  (Or even a room that is "complete".)   I don't know if that is what one is taught in interior design school but it works for me.  I think about what type and size of fixture I think would be appropriate. I madly shop, shop, and shop for a fixture. I fall in love, and then I design the rest of the room around the wonderful work of art.

Art can be simple. It can be extravagant. 
It can be anything we make it.  
Sometimes light must be functional but most of the time it gives us an incredible opportunity to add personality and dimension to a room.
Doesn't this Adelman piece remind you of Chemistry class?
I've always had a thing for spiders.  I'd rather not talk about it...

This puppy has been stuck in my head since it was first featured in 2008.  Ms. Paltrow's dining room chandy from her home in the Hamptons...

So, start shopping and start saving!  Electricians make more than Bravo Housewives!

God Bless!

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