Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tag, You're It!

I have to admit, if you knew me you might think that having "graffiti" art in my home was out of character. Well, so be it.  I've been over-thinking a particular room in our home and I think I have finally felt haunted enough by graffiti art to just go for it.  

Here are just a few images that that have been weighing on my mind.

This apartment in Copenhagen is what has sealed the deal for me. The furnishings and color palate are so simple yet so powerful. These images and others of wonderful art have moved me to (hopefully successfully) take my home from an (arguably) well decorated home to one that is inspiring or perhaps even off-putting to those that enter it.

Either way would be great.  
I'm not giving myself that much credit yet!


This wonderful credenza by Llan Dei is beautifully made and it's just amazing in it's ability to catch one off guard. 

It's not as though having graffiti-type art in ones home hasn't been done, it's just that I may not have been confident enough to just go for it before now.

Does it make me feel edgy - no, not really.
Does it make me feel like I'm bringing a bit of an urban vibe into our very suburban home - kind of.
Does it make me feel excited to have wonderfully expressive art in my home - absolutely!

So, would you do it & where?
Stay tuned for progress photos & we would love to see yours!


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