Friday, November 11, 2011

New Kid on the Blot...

  When setting out to find the perfect logo to represent our new venture of vintage interiors, the search was over just shortly after it began. Our current obsession, which inspired our first collection, was an organic decision...the inkblot. 
  In love with it's endless possibilities of interpretation and it's timeless appeal (with just the right amount of edge), it could not be more appropriate. And so it was, G3Q Designs was born...our finds, your interpretation. 
Ikat step aside, there's a new kid on the blot!

 I love the way Christopher Crawford used this giant inkblot on canvas as the focal point of an otherwise minimalist room. The perfect mix with modern industrial interiors!

One of many to die for custom wallpapers by Eskayel!

If the wallpaper is too far out of your budget (custom wallpaper does not come cheap), they offer amazing housewares like these pillows!

Slightly more affordable versions available at Hettle.I'm DYING to get my DIY on for an even more custom version - no pun intended!

Love, love, love this mini dress from Australian designer Dion Lee's Spring '11 collection. 

The Atomic Rorschach wicker chair. Available for sale at our Etsy store. An edgy twist on a traditional chair.

Whatever you do, work at it with all of your heart,
as working for the Lord, not man. Colossians 3:23