Monday, September 2, 2013

The Tote Around Town

Fall is in the air and all the coveted designers have their new designs in stores, ready for a once over. For many of us “Purse-Lovas” there is a second over, followed by a third, especially when we are talking about the the prices attached to these lust-worthy objects.
The trapezoid shaped tote - the Trap Tote - is the “It Bag” of the season. Its classic shape is easily expandable, so taking it from day to night is not only stylish but effortless. 
The trap tote comes in an array of colors, 
sizes and designers, oh my!.
(And not to worry ladies, I lust after budget and budget-busting bags alike!)

Celine “Luggage Tote Mini”
Speaking of budget-busting...I lay in bed thinking about this bag - and apparently so does every style icon!  The problem is, there is a waiting list and it has a price tag starting at $2,700.00, ouch!

Two beauties.  Rose Huntington & her Celine.

Coach “Legacy, Two-tone Tanner, Mini Tote” 
This cute tote has the same timeless look for only $258
Valentino “Tote”
Valentino means sophistication, even with rock-studs. The price tag for this beauty can also spike your budget, $2,395.00
Michael Kors “Large Selma”
This stylish tote comes in 22 different designs.
Muah, Michael Kors, for giving a girl options! $428.00

Celine “Small Trapeze Bag”
Celine does it again with this to die for bag.
The design is so fresh and the colors are perfect, what’s not to like? Well the price is to consider, starting at $2,600.00

BCBG “Barlowe Satchel”
I love this contemporary bag, you have the option to zip the wing flaps in and take off the shoulder strap. The colors go with everything too. It definitely fits the bill, $548.00.

Givenchy “HDG Small Tote Bag” 
The classic framed bag, remixed.
It makes me want to buy wrist gloves, put on a petticoat, and run around with Lucille Ball. $2,655.00

Marc Jacobs “Goodbye Columbus BB”
Marc Jacobs quality goes the distance. This hot number comes in red too! Its a 1/5 of the price of others at $528.00

Happy Hunting! 

Baubi J. Huff has Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design, is a lover of high-fashion, self-proclaimed product junkie, and jewelry designer in San Diego, California. 

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