Thursday, September 26, 2013

{Quick & Easy} Party Hair!

Need a quick and really cute do for this weekend?  Try this easy braided crown!
1. Smooth: spray hair spray on your hand to smooth out any crazy stragglers
2.  Lift: tease up the hair on the back of your crown for some lift
3. Pony Up: create two pony tails (I use the little clear rubber bands from the grocery store)
4. Braid 'em: braid the hair from both ponys, put another rubber band at the ends
5. Loop it:  loop one braid over the front of your head, pin it with bobbie pins
6. Repeat: repeat with the other side
7. Mess it up:  I wanted a messier look so we pulled and tugged on the braids to give them a more slept in look!
This style is easily done on your own! 
I just happened to have friends over who do hair for a living!

Nothing like strange jazz hands to start your Thursday!  


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