Monday, September 16, 2013

Garden {Stool} Party

It's rare that we have so many beautiful vintage garden stools at one time.   Heck, it's never happened.  
So, to honor these storied beauties, we threw a party!
Each has a history, each has some mystery.
This tasseled treasure came from Italy to the US in 1952...

Ernest Elephant? He's as solid as a rock.  I imagine he lounged in Palm Beach for a few decades before migrating West.
My yellow Love came over on the boat from Italy with her blue brother.
And orange modern? Well, that's my secret!

The glazed terracotta camel garden stool & seat is a rare piece also making her way from Italy in the 1950s. She loves a good drink on her back.
Sister Snail is actually a twin.  Shh, don't tell! 

All of the vintage stunners are available for sale through us, or if you're willing to wait, our One Kings Lane store.  We hope they bring you some history and mystery in the future!


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