Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kid Friendly Coffee Table...

I've been searching for a stylish, functional and kid friendly coffee table for a friend and client.  I haven't come up with the perfect one but here are some gems I've found along the way...

The requirements:
1. Must be round or oval. Really, it just can't have corners to injure little people.
2. Must be sturdy enough to withstand children possibly (probably) jumping/standing/sitting on it.
3. Would like for it to also provide additional seating if needed.
4. Has to look amazing!

Agh, the tulip table.  Ideal in look but not function.  Worried this baby would tip right over!
Ohh, I actually really love this. Organic + modern.  Might be a winner...

Still liking the French Country but wanting to find one with a bit more of a regency or modern vibe.

Love this but wish that we were able to put additional seating under it by way of little stools.  Hmm, maybe large round pillows?

This would actually be a great contrast.  We have a lot of grays and whites, lots of square lines and industrial furniture.  This may work, perhaps one large and two smaller?

This idea but without the multi-color...

This is beautiful.  Just not right for the space. 

This has such a glam vibe and we could slide things under it which is a plus.  Still not right.

This is a possibility too.  Oh wait, glass top + 3.5 kids and 1 dog.  Not a chance...

I just had to throw this on here because I've seen it on One Kings Lane and I'm obsessed!!!

These are just beautiful and feminine.  Not right for this project but I just had to share them!  I will keep them on the idea board!
(Singapore designer Nathan Yong.)

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