Thursday, September 12, 2013

G3: Indian Summer

The days of summer are behind us.  A cool breeze in the evening air.  Ahead: perfect nights to make a teepee, eat apples and S'mores, read a few books, and to just be silly. 
We carved this tree stump for one of our birthday parties and it makes an awesome addition to our yard!
Tomorrow we'll show you how we made our DIY tent/teepee!
This just melts my heart.  It wasn't too long ago that they were swaddled 
up in a crib together.
DIY: we used pillowcases as our sleeping bags! (Yep, we live in LA!)
Look for S'more Kabob recipe here!
And now for a close-up of the GCrew!
My Name is Gavin.  I'm the oldest. Some people call me G1.
{Dear God, Thank you for this S'more. Amen}
I might look like a 90's grunge singer but my name is Grayer, G2.
{Ok, Ok, I'm a bit wild!}
And, I'm Gia the not-so-baby girl. G3.
{Very Sweet Right?}
Our day under the trees and in the teepee was a blast! We'd love to see pictures of you creating your own camp-out too!

Where to Buy:
Fashionable fabric for teepee: Ralph Lauren Home 
"Sleeping Bags": Ralph Lauren Home
Beanies: NEFF Headware
Outdoor Pillows: Crate and Barrel
Vintage Books: G3QDesigns
Metal Studded Balls: G3QDesigns
Sheep Skin Rug: Ikea
Beaded Pillow: One Kings Lane

Have a Blessed Day!

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