Tuesday, September 24, 2013

We {Heart} Brass {Animals}

When Brooke and I started our business, we immediately became obsessed with brass animals.  All of them.  Even the not-so-cute ones. 
{Like the weird-flat-faced-cat-ones...}
Then after collecting several of these sweeties, we thought "oh, we were over you".  Well, we quickly came to our senses. Turns out, these little guys have personalities that will win you over, over, over and over again.  Here is part of the family we have now... Enjoy!
Senor crab.  He was likely in many of your homes growing up.  He is an ashtray and his claws hold the smoke.  Not a smoker but genius!
(photo credit: Angela Kohler)
Perhaps Senor G should have been holding the crab!  Alas, the giant rooster.

G1 with El Torro grande.
Nino loco holding the water buffalo.  One of my personal favorites! 
Awe!  Sweet Pea getting sweet with the penguin. 

Ok, maybe not so sweet!
Poor pero.  Really?  Really?

Really!!!! (So so impressed that Harley did not take the cereal out of its mouth!)
All of these little fellas (and plenty more!) are available for purchase 
from us directly or in our store on One Kings Lane.

Many blessings & happy Tuesday!

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