Friday, September 13, 2013

DIY: TeePee

So. Much. Fun!!!!
Our afternoon Indian Summer campout 
was such a blast!
In a few short steps you can make a 
teepee of your own!
These teepees really are DIY, no tools, not much money and very little time.  Perfect for play!
1. Fabric {we used a rad leopard print sheet!}
2. Adhesive {we used flower tape because we had it}  
*You could also use electrical tape or even an elastic!
3. Teepee rods {we used long sticks of bamboo 
that I purchased at a craft store}
4. Something to wrap around your rods and fabric {we used raffia}
How To:
~ Bunch your 4 rods together
~ Wrap your not-too-sticky, not-too-tight, adhesive around them
~ Spread 'em out - onto the ground to make your teepee frame
~ Wrap your fabric/sheet around the adhesive
~ Tie your raffia or rope around the fabric to secure it onto the sticks

{Note: You could also punch holes in the fabric to tie to the side poles}

This project shouldn't take you more than 10-15 minutes and can be done with things you have at home!

Get cozy and enjoy your weekend!

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