Tuesday, September 10, 2013

S'more Kabobs

Getting ready for a cozy camping trip?
Just love the colors and smells of fall?
I love marshmallows. I love serving food on sticks.
I love this cool, easy idea for S'more Kabobs!
In just a few steps you have dressed up S'more kabobs.
{Five Step Smores}
1. Put your favorite marshmallows on a dessert stick (I used 3)
2. Put your favorite graham's in a baggie and bash 'em 
(put on a flat plate and set aside)
3. Melt your favorite chocolate on a flat plate (I used dark, yum!)
4. Roll your skewered mallows into the chocolate
5. Roll said skewers into mashed grahams

(you may want to refrigerate skewers before dressing the sticks!)
{Five Step Stick Dress}
1. Pick any paper or tissue (I used a paper bag here)
2. Cut fringe into the paper leaving about 1/4 inch uncut at top
3. Place a little glue on dessert stick
4. Roll your paper around stick
5. Add another dab of glue - repeat on other side!
There you have it.  Get snuggly in that tent with your favorite book and a plate-free s'more kabob! 


All vintage styling props are G3QDesigns and are available at our shop!

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