Monday, February 20, 2012

Long Beach ReCap

Wow!  It was awesome to see so many familiar faces yesterday in Long Beach.  It turned out to be a beautiful day.  We met some wonderful new people and were presented with some incredible opportunities! 
Here are some photos of the experience.  

Our goal is to get all of our inventory onto the Etsy site by the end of the week.  
Then, stay tuned for an exciting announcement! 

Caught Brooke drinking hot cocoa!  It was one cold morning...

Cheers!  Have a wonderful week.

Give thanks to the Lord for he is good, his faithful love endures forever!  Psalm 107

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  1. Good golly girls! Loved your set up at the Flea on Sunday. Great little vignettes and fab finds. Fell in love with the flame stitch chevron pillows (I caught another peek at them in your second photo), but alas, someone else had already beaten me to it. Wanted to stop by and check out the blog. Hoping for another lap through your collection on Etsy! - Erin |