Tuesday, October 1, 2013

DIY {Midcentury} Planter

Let's Get Started:
{What you'll need}
1. A vessel for planting (I'm using a midcentury webspun table without the glass top - G2 broke that)
2. Sheets of moss (I purchased mine at a craft store)
3. Thin plastic lining (a garbage bag will do!)
4. Gravel
5. Potting soil (Choose one that suits your plants!)
6. Your plants of course!
1. Create a moss lining on the bottom of the table 
(You can see through my table. ~
If you can't see through yours you can skip this step.)
2. Line the moss with plastic then place gravel on the bottom for drainage.
3. Add your gravel just to the very base.
4. Add soil.
5. Place your plants creating any design you'd like.
I had to include the picture of my shadow Harley.  How cute is he just resting on the plants.  Oh love my first born. 

Enjoy being outside!

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