Friday, October 11, 2013

Domino is {Finally} Back!!!!

It's true.  It's not new new news but it is wonderful news.  On October 8th Domino officially relaunched.  It is now a quarterly magazine with an amazingly inventive website.
The site is packed with the same wonderfully creative interior spaces and helpful tips.  But, what's new and what is so fantastic about it is that you can shop right from the pages of the magazine or website by article or category.  

Not only can you shop the new site but you can save images to your own board on the site.  It's like Domino the mag meets One Kings Lane meets Pintrest.  Genius. 

The categories on the new site include: Features, shop, scouting, entertaining, travel, connect (vie instagram, facebook, etc.) and magazine.

Here is a shot from the entertaining page.  Look at the rich colors, the down-to-earth yet creative tips and the remarkable ease by which you can now shop what you see. 

I wanted to include the letter from Michelle Adams, the editor.  (She is the former and founding editor of Lonny.) In the computer age and the generation of social media I find it so easy to get disconnected from the people that are behind what we see and read.  Here is a woman who is taking a chance on a new venture and putting it all out there in what is pretty much a creative start-up company. The site is not yet perfect - {I can't even imagine the engineering that had to go into a site with so many variables!} - but I know it will be insanely inspirational to us all!

Creativity is contagious.  (A. Einstein) Let's pass it on.  Here, tag #welcomehomedomino and be featured on their site!

Happy Weekend Reading Everyone.

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