Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Carmel Apples With {Stones}

Once I started crafting I couldn't stop.  And, Im completely obsessed with natural stones right now - wearing them, decorating with them, and just looking at them!  You can follow our how to make your carmel apple here!  And, for this second round I used a home-made carmel that I found on Our Best Bites.  It worked much better than melting the pre-made gooey-goodness.
Now that you've preped all of your apple fixings, it is time to decorate your sticks! Any stones or beads will do!  My favorite at the moment is malachite but my DIY budget didn't allow for any of it to adorn these apple sticks!  Instead: I went for some turquoise, alabaster, and quartz.
Oh lala!  A little leather for wrapping!
Take your widdled twigs and get creative!
I found it most helpful to string my beads on adding a knot on each one so that they stayed where I wanted them!  
Here's a little close-up of the finished sticks:

All of the stones used in this post are available for sale at our shop on One Kings Lane!

Enjoy your apples and if you do try these at home, please share photos of your finished product!


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