Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Social Responsibility

We should all have it.  On some days it seems easier than others.  Some days may pass without us thinking much about it.  
So, what is "it"? 

Well, "it" in this instance is being responsible for the effect our choices have on this world and the people in it.  I don't mean to lecture here but I've been made aware of an amazing organization and wanted to share.
Trade As One  
Their mission:  To use fair trade to promote sustainable business and break cycles of poverty and dependency in the developing world.  

(It helps to read it a few times through)

Trade as One looks beyond charity and service as forms of helping others.  Rather simply, it looks at the US as a major consumer society.  We love to shop!  So, when buying a gift for a friend, chocolates for your children's teachers or baskets with which to organize your bills, do it so that you are helping a man, woman, or child out of a dire situation.  Do it responsibly.  

Here are just a few of the great items found on their website.

Fantastic 100% woolen rugs produced by the women of Beacon of Hope in Kenya.  $88

Love this Bamboo bowl made by Mai Vietnamese Handicrafts $33

Adorable hand knit elephant from Casa de la Mujer Artesana.  I bought one for my daughter and two other baby girls in our family. $16

Really cool, handcrafted serving slab for cheese, antipasta or fruit.  Made by Green Sahara Gifts in Morocco.  $19.00

THE BEST CHOCOLATE.  Ever.  Seriously, ever!  Trust me on this one.  It's organic, fair trade chocolate.  Bolivian cacao and amazing.  They have several flavors but this one is insane. $4.49

Crazy cool Sari Scarf made by the women of the Mata Traders in Nepal.  I want one to drape over the back of a chair I have in my entryway!  $18.00

Holga Leaf Basket.  Perfect for going to your local farmers market or to visit us at the Rose Bowl! $15.50

We all have a conscience.  Trade as One wants to make sure you use it when you shop! 

Whatever you did for the least of these brothers of mine, 
you did for me. Matthew 25:40

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