Monday, January 9, 2012

January Rose Bowl!!!

Thank you, thank you for another great month!  We had such a blast with all of you yesterday.  Thank you for your stories and thank you for your business!!!

We will have to go on a bell hunt!  All bells sold Sunday! 
Apparently everyone wants to ring-in the new year with style!!!
The black octagon table and cane backed chair sold as well.

We love these greek key book-ends.  They could also be used as anchors for a wall shelf... 
Available at our store!

Glasses no longer available.  Wonderful mid-century ice bowl 
with caddy available at our store.

Table and lamp no longer available.  Beautiful birds, decanter with glasses and compote available at our store.

Nothing in this photo is available!  

Often people purchase items from us and pick them up at the end of the day. We then have to tell people the items are already sold.  Sunday we had a woman say to us, "I am going to open a store and nothing is going to be for sale."  Ha, it was pretty funny.  Cheers to you beautiful decorator-Anne Hesch-look-a-like-lady!

(We love this little Shepard!  He and the black etched brass vases are available at our store.)

Filming Fun!!

Fun little perk; they filmed a pilot for a TV show at our booth early in the day.... One of the lines was: "You have a really big mole on your face. I mean that in a good way.  I like really big moles?"  Ha, we'll keep our eyes out for the show!

Great news, we are now going to be selling our finds at the Long Beach Flea Market! Please stay tuned for more information!!

Not so great news, the Rose Bowl is undergoing construction and there isn't as much room for vendors next month.  Because we are such newbies, we are wait-listed for next month.  *Sigh*  We will seriously miss all of you if we don't get in!! 

There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving. 
Acts 20:35 

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