Monday, May 13, 2013

Making it Masculine

I do think one of my strengths is decorating for the other half.  I suppose it could be easy.  It's not.  

The BIGGEST issue I have with decorating my beloveds room right now is the fact that he wanted the BIGGEST couch ever. I poured over some inspirational rooms last night.  Although none had a sectional the size of Texas, here are some that I loved!

Just add Mick... to the structured cowhide layered over rich mahogany floors, leather club chairs and a few tailored pieces.  The unexpected? The white leather tiled walls.  
This room is genius. 

Oh the Jean de Merry... One day, one day, you will be mine!!! 
The dark walls with the gray and orange accents are stunning and don't look too heavy because of the large-scale art and massive windows.

A bit more eclectic.  Dark hues, texture, and accessories for him.

So you have not one but two of these amazing sheep?!  Yeah, making one is on my list of projects to complete...
The olive-colored walls could be formal but come out cool and intriguing thanks to the art and accessories in this space.

Float like a Butterfly sting like a bee! This set up is in a bar but I loved the use of the heavy bags as the backrest for the banquet.  I think all of this could be successfully used in a residential space!  Love it.

And a few more....

All for now, Happy Monday!

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  1. I have been trying to look for masculine interior ideas, this definitely gave me the inspiration I was looking for. You guys are such an incredible team.