Friday, May 17, 2013

Drenched Party Part Deux

G3QDesigns teamed up with Drenched Fitness to create another rockin' event!  This time we transformed their indoor and outdoor spaces into stunning settings for their Black & White Party.    

We wanted the event to be more than food & drinks.  
We wanted action!  

With: beer tasting from a local brewer, playing illuminated beer pong, mini desert sampling, black and white movie watching al fresco, dancing to a DJ & consuming Drenched-themed libations - mission accomplished!  

Outdoor Lounge:

Guests were welcomed into the party by a black carpet and Drenched step and repeat.  I made custom table runners with black tassels for a finished feel. 

I flanked the entry doors with illuminated damask cubes, oversize white urns and a dramatic black crystal chandelier.  

 I was most excited about this outdoor area and it did not disappoint!!!! I set up a screen for some good 'ol Charlie Chaplin movies and situated a large white Regency-style table between two black tufted benches.  I flooded the space with candles and white flowers and it looked just stunning!!!

Ha!  Caught the bartenders setting up.  This was the only shot I got of the fabric panels I made for the bar area.  They came out great. I so wanted to have wood trimming out the entire thing but sometimes in event planning (many times) you have to work with the space you have and you have to respect that the place needs to go back to working order the next day!

The bar was kept simple.  I topped with a crystal chandelier and Regency-style horse bust, put the specialty cocktails on the TV screen and this spot was done.

Lighting is one of the most important things to consider in planning an event and it is all too often overlooked.  Lucky for me, Drenched owner, Brandon has a knack for lighting!  The two photographs above show how different a space can look given white or blue light. 

This photo of the studio space is not yet lit with the chandeliers or cubes (and the Drenched logo is not yet lit up).

So pretty to have the lights at different elevations 
and in varying shades!

Beer Pong:

Yep, that's me getting my pong on . . .
If any of you is interested in renting these swanky beer pong tables please contact us!

The Details:

Florals, lush white hydrangea and all white tulips in black cube vases. I made the florals for the event.  Not something I recommend if you are styling and planning an event!  However, when kept simple florals can be inexpensive and gorgeous!!!

Insane mini-deserts were provided by Bakery 65.  Everything was made from scratch.  My favorite?  The mini smores with home-made graham and marshmallow!!!  (contact me if you want them to bake for your next event!)
Delicious cake-pops were made by Tickle Me Sweet!

The lighter fare for the party was made by the handsome and talented Simon. 

I couldn't resist using the towel storage area for displaying our "wet" and "dry" beverages!


You can have a gorgeous venue, great food and music but if people don't have a memorable, fun evening it is all for not. It is safe to say, the Drenched Black & White party was a hit on all fronts!! 

Oh what a night!!!!  Happy birthday Julie!

Thank you so much, Julie and Brandon, for trusting me to plan and style your event!!  Until the next one ...

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