Thursday, August 22, 2013

In the Kitchen: Blackberry Skewers & Peach Wine Spritzer

Ever throw a little soiree and have no time to put together appetizers? 
Ever want to make a refreshing cocktail for you and the girls to sip on 
while you are tanning by the pool? 
Even better...with your kids going back to school (of course if you don't have any, just borrow your baby cousins for a day), and Summer coming to an end, needing to treat yourself to a cocktail and snacks? 

Beautiful drinks and apps anyone can make!  Of course, Pinterest inspired, I hope you enjoy!

Blackberry Skewers

  1. Wash your blackberries and pull your mint leaves
  2. Gently push mint onto skewer - I broke multiple leaves and cried a little, kidding, but be easy with them
  3. Slice your brie, cut off the rind, fold over and push onto skewer
  4. Top with blackberry
You can arrange them any way you'd like, add more to them...get creative! I liked the simple one bite skewer.

Shortbread Brie Bites

  1. Buy your favorite shortbread cookies
  2. Spread brie on top of the cookie
  3. Smack with mint - yes it actually does make a difference and it's fun
  4. Muddle blackberries and put your desired amount on top 
  5. Sprinkle with brown sugar 

Peach Wine Spritzer

  • 3 cups seltzer
  • 1 cup peach juice
  • 3 cups dry white wine
  • 2 1/2 tablespoons honey
  • Garnish: peach slices
  1. Fill pitcher with ice to the top
  2. Add all ingredients
  3. If you don't have a proper juicer, you can always do a make shift move like I did, ha! 
  4. Slice your peaches and drop them in your wine glass before served

All of this is easy, quick and delicious...not to mention the colors are gorgeous and the cocktail is the perfect touch for the blackberry appetizers.

Rachel Metz is cupcake/cake pop enthusiast, foodie, and dessert table designer in Westlake Village, California. 

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  1. Oh wow! This is really refreshing! I am definitely going to make these! Love mint!