Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Baby Shower Prep!

Q#2 is on the way!  
Here is a sneak peak at the prep behind this weekends' Chinoiserie/Blue Willow themed baby shower.

Chinoiserie, a French term, signifying "Chinese-esque", and pronounced [ʃinwazʁi]) refers to a recurring theme in European artistic styles since the seventeenth century, which reflect Chinese artistic influences.[1] It is characterized by the use of fanciful imagery of an imaginary China, by asymmetry in format and whimsical contrasts of scale, and by the attempts to imitate Chinese porcelain and the use of lacquerlike materials and decoration.
Chinoiserie in a broader scope refers to a mixture of Eastern and Western stylistic elements for both the decoration and shape.[2

Buckets and buckets of peonies!!! 

G3 Would not miss the chance to pick up Aunt Brookie's cake 
at Susie Cakes!!

Yummy Cookies from Susie Cakes too.  These will go home with our guests!  Lucky!!!

How To: Banner 

1. Cut out a template for your banner sections.  
Trace onto the fabric or paper you've selected & cut!
2.  I like to layer fabrics and add trim.  
Fabric or paper trim will do.  Be creative!
3.  I wil often make tassels out of fabric, ribbon 
or string to add.

Fabric tassels:
(this method can be used on tissue paper too!)
1. Cut out a square or rectangle.
2. Cut slits going up but leave 1/2 an inch or so uncut at the top.
3. Roll the fabric up.
4. Glue the top together with hot glue and you have an adorable tassel!

Stay tuned for the pictures of the shower.  It is my favorite yet!!! Stunning.  Absolutely stunning. 

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