Friday, June 7, 2013

Chinoiserie - Blue Willow Baby Shower

Several months ago I was given the amazing news that Brooke, my (much) better half was expecting. 
I could not have been more excited for her and for me (I have a little baby-loving issue)!

So first comes ultrasound, then comes shower!
We actually didn't think much about themes or colors. 
We both love all of our Blue Willow pottery and china and chinoiserie in general.  We decided to accent with a few pieces of personality-packed brass items and a stunning baby shower was born.

Here is the Chinoiserie - Blue Willow Baby shower.
Hands down my favorite.  
(When will I learn to take better photos~!)

The Entry:
Guested walked through the doors of the Health and Longevity Institute at the FourSeasons Westlake Village into a tiny piece of peony-laden serenity...

(I have a new photo ap on my phone and every picture I 
took with it was out of focus!)

Venetian mirrored vanity tray, blue & white porcelain serving bowl and large vase all G3QDesigns.

The Mantle!
We found this amazing pink pagoda fabric and the rest was history!
Generally we use some text on the banners we make for parties. But this time we thought we would keep it plain and it worked out perfectly!

Awe!!! Q's Mama ~~~ Look at those legs! Look at that bump!   
Look at those Louboutins!  

To change the business name or not?  Hmmm, what do you guys think?  I dream of having another one and us changing the name to G3Q+2.....(BTW, I love this picture because, although I look super tired, I couldn't be happier or more honored than to shower Brooke with all the love (and flowers!) she deserves.)

White pottery mine.
Brass Foo Dog bookends G3QDesigns.

The tables.  
We dressed the two 14' tables with handmade pink pagoda table runners, blue & white vessels of varying sizes, shiny brass candlesticks, white porcelain pomegranates and monkeys and oodles and oodles of peonies!

Each guest was sent home with one of these white orchids and a yummy pagoda-adorned sugar cookie!

The Activities:

We played a few games and also had a little station set up for guests to be creative.  We set out pieces of white linen and fabric markers and asked that the guests write a note for Brooke or her soon-to-be baby GIRL!!!  The linen will be ironed onto bibs, sleepsacks, blankets and burp cloths to give the mommy some extra love!


Amazing punch bowl (G3QDesigns) filled with apples picked up 
on all the colors of the room!

The Grub!

I think it is funny that no one got pictures of all the amazing deserts!  Ha.....

The comings and goings:

Ok, this is me going in to set up!

And who do you think helped clean up?  Brooke couldn't resist!  We both agreed it was strange setting up a party without the other!!  Although this party exceeded my expectations, I think I'll stick to working with my partner-in-crime!

Until next time?


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