Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pong Anyone?

I thought I was such a cool DIYer by painting our ping pong table in black chalk board paint and buying a black net.  

Well, these ping pong tables just blew me away and reminded me that I need to step back and really push the envelope with my design.  Life is short and if you enjoy design than live a little and go for it!  (As soon as we find a house I will!)

Happy Sunday Everyone.

This whole house is my dream house.  Portia De Rossi and Ellen D's - amazing and I think now former home - sold to Ryan Seacrest - wow, I need a life.

They get it spot on in my mind.  Clean, but heavy use of antiques and vintage pieces, color from plants and stone, modern light fixture and then - hey, "we're so fun we have a ping pong table in our entryway". 

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