Friday, June 8, 2012

Nashville Love

I took a quick trip into Nashville and I cannot wait to go back.  Spiderman (aka G2) and I took the antique stores by storm and headed back out west just before the CMA craze.  

I honestly wanted to bring truck-fulls of beautiful finds home.  I kept it to two boxes and I hope you love the treasures that made the cut as much as I do (images of those coming soon!).  

Here are some images of our adventure and some of the finds that are still waiting for my return....

This store was my favorite.  It sits atop a hill next to railroad tracks.  Spidey liked it too!

I did buy this for our family room!  I loved the lower case "i"!

On another note, this is a cool set of prints put out by a French company.  They were in a wonderful little store and I'm really tempted to get the last one.  It opens and has shelves inside...

Until this weekend....

God is love.

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