Friday, July 6, 2012

Carpet on the Walls?

So, we are on the hunt for our dream home.  Or actually, we are on the hunt for a home that can become our dream home once we finish our renovations!

We have looked at dozens of homes and the one that haunts me at night is amazing but has not been updated since it was built in 1983.  Amazing right?  One of the "fantastic" features of this home is that there is carpet on most of the walls.  So, I ask, can carpet on the walls still work?

The black carpet on walls and floor actually gives this room an edgy cozy vibe.

Hmm, carpet half way up the wall?

Carpet continuing from ground to wall making a big graphic impact.

Hmm, not full-on carpet but a little shag will do ya.

So, the carpet on the walls in the home I love looks nothing like these!  And, unless someone can send me an image to convince me otherwise, I think if we buy the home the carpet will have to come down!

Have a blessed weekend everyone!

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